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                Marine industry
                Marine indsutry
                • GW series
                • GV series
                • GC series
                • GA/GQ series
                • Ocean engineering
                • Coupling & Damper
                Energy indsutry
                • Wind power
                • Solar power
                • Thermal power
                • Nuclear power
                Friendly environment
                • HP roller press
                • Shredder
                Cement industry
                • Vertical mill gearbox
                • Roller press gearbox
                • Ball mill gearbox
                • Rotary kiln gearbox
                Metallurgy indstury
                • Hot-rolled mill gearbox
                • Cold-rolled mill gearbox
                • Rod-Wire mill gearbox
                Hydraulic engineering industry
                • Inclined ship lifte
                • Vertical Ship lifter
                Rail transit industry
                • Turnout
                • Tramcar
                • Monorail
                • Subway
                Mining industry
                • Heading driving gearbox
                • Continuous mining gearbox
                • Travellin gearbox
                Petrochemical industry
                • Shale gas
                • High speed gearbox
                • Multi-shaft Compressor gear
                • universal gearbox
                GV series

                GVseries has the function of parallel operation, with clutch or without clutch, while Gearbox has clutch (the ones of GVA series don’t have clutch), deceleration and parallel operation, bearing the function of propeller thrust and PTO output. The integrated thrust bearing has the high performance of rigidity and power transfer.

                1.The gearbox of GVW and GVL series, which are double-input and multiple-output ones of parallel operation, with clutch, deceleration, bearing thrust and output or input functions of power branch, can be further divided into several models. 

                2.The speed ratio of the marine gearbox of this series ranges from 2:1 to 4.5:1, and center-to-centerspacing from 2000mmto 4100mm.

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