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                Metallurgy indstury
                Marine indsutry
                • GW series
                • GV series
                • GC series
                • GA/GQ series
                • Ocean engineering
                • Coupling & Damper
                Energy indsutry
                • Wind power
                • Solar power
                • Thermal power
                • Nuclear power
                Friendly environment
                • HP roller press
                • Shredder
                Cement industry
                • Vertical mill gearbox
                • Roller press gearbox
                • Ball mill gearbox
                • Rotary kiln gearbox
                Metallurgy indstury
                • Hot-rolled mill gearbox
                • Cold-rolled mill gearbox
                • Rod-Wire mill gearbox
                Hydraulic engineering industry
                • Inclined ship lifte
                • Vertical Ship lifter
                Rail transit industry
                • Turnout
                • Tramcar
                • Monorail
                • Subway
                Mining industry
                • Heading driving gearbox
                • Continuous mining gearbox
                • Travellin gearbox
                Petrochemical industry
                • Shale gas
                • High speed gearbox
                • Multi-shaft Compressor gear
                • universal gearbox
                Rod-Wire mill gearbox

                Rod-Wire Gearbox

                Rod-wirerolling mills are mainly used to roll steel cords, bearing steel, alloy spring steel, alloy structural steel, alloy cold heading steel, free-machining steel, steel wire for welding, fiber steel, structural carbon steel, prestressed steel, and other medium-and-high-grade wires. The gearbox of the rod-wire rolling mill mainly provides power transmission for the rough, intermediate and finishing mills.

                According to the layout direction of the output shaft, it can be divided into V-typevertical rolling mill, H-typehorizontal rolling mill and H/V-type horizontal and vertical convertible rolling mill reducer.


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